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Short Description
0xWarriors is a multi-blockchain battler where players can assemble squads of customizable warriors to win battles and profit from trading ingame items!
0xWarriors is a multiplayer RPG that lets players manage squads of up to five warriors and equip them with hundreds of unique weapons and armor. Each warrior can be customized to have an original style and skillset. Gamers can purchase chests containing various items or win them in battles and tournaments to later trade them for profit. Level up and gear up to create your own epic team to dominate the combat arena!
EOS Smart Contracts
warriorsgame Main
Tron Smart Contracts
THCS2G33reng9TyGHARDQHGPAbCkP9xg5q Equipment
TQsV9mXA1uXvivMqXm5AH8RsxxkjGUrBX8 Equipment Sale Auction
TLNy5SBwhrA1Ar4hoYQc2VkaJ4amyBM91Y Tournament
TV8Ujn4ar5G1omBVdcJCbaURkG8HeQX76E Chest Factory v0
THZAWysxMaTvJ3sDAs98coSr18VngJ92Vt Chest Factory v1
TFWkgzMjigWxBnf3swLbiSmX4EhWB2TjkT Chest Factory v2
TVEYauT7gPPit6CsswkKorQRKUiu5rDhD3 Chest Factory v3
TEk3iedmvrdT1TKGDg4NXa6yf95f4PDC5X Warrior
TZ2YoLCkehJjdoFJcaMpQE8DHqDx25S8mv Warrior Factory
TAtqVib5hZcAarirHCjqRdx3rYFpRsLXBB Warrior Sale Auction
Ethereum Smart Contracts
0xebfe22c48a5d9707a1be9c668e0638f271efa43b Equipment
0x7fc95edd03d58ba010c8be25b03d4940b39cc97e Equipment Sale Auction
0x3de784010f9f1ab76c77f8d9b4879562ba4fa692 Tournament
0xc5703486d692d37078e7e704483e50aebbb5ddfc Chest Factory
0x72e42cbed7b53a79bc528ae4ca37369182b6832b Warrior
0x81bf24affcf26427eb41e21cf18d4b8f7f68186b Warrior Factory
0x8583d1dc5df6bec56cfa38a2f09ceb8e2d69ae46 Warrior Sale Auction



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